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Ready for Summer Fun?

Join Hammerheads-the NEW summer swim team!

It’s “Fin-tastic” fun training with a summer team focused on daily practice. We will be joining the North Texas Swim Association for swim meets at Westside Aquatics, in Lewisville. Yes- we will be attending LOCAL meets, scheduled indoors for short weeknights… instead of driving long distances for mega meets in the summer sun!

TOTAL COST: $250 (includes registration fees for meets, coaching fees, association fees, pool usage, cap & t-shirt)

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: April 30 ($50 Late Fee starts May 1)

TRYOUT DATES: March 1, March 4, April 12 or April 15 (if not currently on swim team, H2O Go! Or HydroFAST).

TRYOUT REGISTRATION: is done independently of actual team registration at
Contact for questions.

• MUST be very comfortable swimming in deep water
• 25 yards on stomach without stopping to grab support.
• 25 yards on back without stopping to grab support.
Tryouts for first time Hammerhead swimmers can be scheduled by contacting

May Practice: Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings
June/July Practice: Weekdays, before 9am

For complete list of dates, AND registration for both tryouts and team, please go to


H2O Go! is designed to “feel” like a swim team...without the pressure of a long term commitment, special uniforms or meets.

It’s just fun sessions working hard on competitive strokes with great coaches! This is an economical program that offers lots of distance swimming. Workouts focus on the starts, turns, finishes, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke & butterfly that swim teams require. Because this program is designed to improve your child’s strokes, new participants MUST be confident in the deep water.

• You can sign up to attend once OR twice a week.
• You can register for just one session, or choose to attend throughout the entire year. (See Seasonal Calendar)

Coach Jo Curry and her coaching team will be taking this program to a new level, working on stroke details and trying to shave seconds off swim times. They will focus on the fundamentals... but also bring FUN to the swim lane.

• 50 yards of comfortable “side” breathing Freestyle.
• 50 yards skilled Backstroke without stopping.

Tryouts for first time H2O Go! can be scheduled by contacting

Late afternoon/ evening class. Swimmers are placed in 30-45 minute group times by Coach Jo, based on skill and lane availability. It’s important to meet the registration deadline so the coach can get these time slots balanced!

Spring 1: January- February (Sunday and/or Tuesday)
Spring 2: March – April (Sunday and/or Tuesday)
May Mini-Mester (Sunday and/or Tuesday)
Summer 1: June (Sunday and Monday or Thursday)
Summer 2: July (Sunday and Monday or Thursday)
Fall 1: Late August - Mid October (Sunday and Monday or Thursday)
Fall 2: Late October – Mid December (Sunday and Monday or Thursday)
Ho Ho H2O Go! - Varied schedule

For complete list of dates, prices AND registration, please go to   



Coach Joyce (Jo) Curry

leads the H2O Go! coaching staff and plans to focus on instructing stroke basics for beginners and technique efficiency to advanced swimmers. For most of her life, Jo has either trained in the pool or coached swimming – highly influenced by her mother Kathi Rayborn who served as head coach of Aqua Racers for 16 years.

From the age of four through her high school years, Jo competed with various recreational and USA swim clubs in California and Texas. During her collegiate years at SFASU, Jo lettered in volleyball with the Ladyjacks, but she never strayed too far from the pool. 

For nine years, Jo instructed swimmers at Lifetime Fitness and coached the summer Aqua Racers. She has headed H2O Go! for the past several years. With a doctorate degree in nutrition and exercise physiology, Jo can explain how to restore that muscle glycogen for improved endurance in the pool. But she warns that you should be ready to take notes!



T.A.A.F. eligibility rules are listed at the bottom of this page.  If your swimmer intends to compete in a summer T.A.A.F. League, please read that notice







Sure your child can swim laps, but are his strokes effective? Does he “muscle” his way down the lanes, lacking the finesse to become a total athlete? Does he wear out quickly, losing the finer points of his stroke… and ultimately adding seconds to his race?

Hydro-Fast is a swim clinic designed to take the solid basics your swimmer already brings to the pool and refine his details into a stronger, healthier and value added practice. This is not a swim team and the emphasis in not on distance. Students are expected to attend three sessions per week for the most effective progression through the course.

Smaller class… bigger focus on details: This program will put your swimmer in a better position, whether he just wants to tune up before joining a seasonal swim club, or wants a detailed review to prepare for major competition. This clinic is for the person who wants to take what they love (swimming) and add techniques that will reward them on a sporting level. Class size is limited to 9 students to ensure best coach/swimmer ratio.

If you are new to this program and have never been on a team please contact

INTERMEDIATE: 6:00-6:45pm Mon/Wed and 8:45-9:30am Sat
Swimmers review videos and practice techniques to reduce race times. Designed for serious swimmers who are ready to focus on swim skills. PREREQUISITE: 11 & up, must be able to swim 50 yards Freestyle and Backstroke continuously.

ADVANCED- 6:45-7:30pm Mon/Wed and 8-8:45am Sat
Advanced Hydro-FAST swimmers currently compete on a summer, middle or high school team and have a strong desire to reach beyond their comfort zone. PREREQUISITE: 11& up, must be able to swim all four competitive strokes 25 or 50 yards, with a goal of maintaining good technique for 100 yards.

Spring 1: January- February
Spring 2: March - April
Fall 1: Late August - Mid October
Fall 2: Late October – Mid December
Holiday HydroFAST

For complete list of dates, prices AND registration, please go to

Tired of being part of the pack?

Hydro-FAST analysis for those who are already on a swim team and looking to make a jump in their standings.

Even masterful champions rely on coaching to detail their swims into triumphs.  

Coach Angela Hernandez started her competitive swim career at age nine in the TAAF summer program. She also competed for several years in USA Swim and The Colony High School.

She has been coaching since 2004 with several programs through USA Swim, TAAF, Swim Clinics, Middle and High School development programs.

Angela is a fine example of the progressive program at The Colony Aquatic Park. She started at age 12, assisting Red Cross Swim Classes. After a couple of years, she joined the Lifeguard Staff... rising to the management level.

She has been a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor since 2004, and teaches regularly for both TCAP and Lewisville Independent School District.





Swim Kids- Skill Basics

Is your child already swimming, but still doesn't have a solid grip on the four basic strokes for swim team competition? HydroFAST Swim Kids is the progressive class to build the technique needed to approach swim team levels and try-outs. It is designed for younger kids (age 6-10) who want to learn their strokes and build endurance.

Class size is limited to 8 students to ensure best coach per student ratio.

• Age 6 & older
• MUST be very comfortable swimming in deep water
• Completion of American Red Cross “Swimmer - Level 4” or above is suggested.
• 25 yards without stopping to grab support.

Tryouts for first time HydroFAST Swim Kids can be scheduled by contacting

CLASS TIMES/DAYS: 5:30-6pm Mondays & Wednesdays

Spring 1: January- February
Spring 2: March - April
Fall 1: Late August - Mid October
Fall 2: Late October – Mid December

For complete list of dates, prices AND registration, please go to



Aquatic Park Competitive Swimming
Our 25-yard Indoor Pool has six lanes and is heated year-round to 83-84 degrees. This training pool hosts a high school team and four youth after-school swim programs.






Many of the youth in H2O Go! & want to maintain their status as a summer competitive swimmers.  Our program is designed so that they train according to the TAAF rules so that they can be eligible for the summer .

Texas Amateur Athletic Federation Rules about the amount of guidance a swimmer can have during the off season and still be eligible for summer competition:

T.A.A.F. swimming is open for anyone who meets the following criteria: .01 From January 1 – April 30

a. Individuals may participate in clinics not to exceed 90 minutes per week.

b. Clinics must be open to the general public and participation cannot be exclusive to team members.

f. Summer season work-outs can begin May 1 each year.
g. Individuals may not be registered with, practice with, or compete with any year-round program. Exceptions: - May 1 – December 31 - Any school related activity - Any family lap swimming program - Any swimmer in divisions 15 & older - Programs approved, in writing, by both Swim Commissioners and the T.A.A.F. State Office.



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