Community Stage

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12:20 p.m.Morningside Elementary School Choir
12:40 p.m.Dance Champions Elite
1:00 p.m.Danzarte Academy
1:20 p.m.StarFire MCDC
1:40 p.m.Kathak Rhythms
2:00 p.m.Encore Kids
2:20 p.m.Lakeview Elementary TrebleTROUBLE Choir
2:40 p.m.Lakeview Elementary Chorale Choir
3:00 p.m.410 Line Dancers
3:20 p.m.Dynasty Dance Academy
3:40 p.m.Sacred Dance Performance Group
4:00 p.m.SMU Mustang Mavericks
4:15 p.m.
4:35 p.m.
4:55 p.m.Motion, The Studio
5:15 p.m.4 the Love of Dance

Got Talent? Share it with the community! We are looking for local talent to perform on the Community Stage at the American Heroes Festival on Saturday, November 6th! All types of talent will be considered. The Community Stage committee will evaluate all applications and select the lineup of performers. Patriotic themed performances will be given preference. Individual performers or group performances are eligible to apply. Groups must be limited to no more than 25 participants. Get your performance fine tuned and apply today! Applications are now closed. Performers to be announced on Monday, October 4th. 

Enjoy our Community Stage, Saturday, November 6th at the American Heroes festival at The Colony Five Star Complex, 4100 Blair Oaks, The Colony, Texas!