Mobile Field Force (MFF)

Mobile Field Force (MFF) 

The Colony Police Department has a trained and equipped Mobile Field Force (MFF).  


The Mobile Field Force Team is comprised of selected sworn officers from all divisions within the police department. Each officer has immediate access to protective equipment and trains throughout the year in crowd-control tactics. Officers are capable of responding to a variety of behaviors and have the ability to provide rapid, organized, and disciplined response to civil disorder and to control or disburse unruly crowds. 

Team Members

They are formally structured units based on a platoon concept with assigned leadership. They work and train with other area agencies to enlarge the team if the situation dictates more personnel. The members of the team are highly trained in line formations, crowd dispersal, less lethal weaponry, and mass arrest tactics.  MFF works to apply the appropriate level of support, direction, and control to public demonstrations with mutually supporting objectives of protecting life, property and critical infrastructure, and maintaining peace and order while upholding the Constitutional rights of free speech and assembly. 


LT Aaron Woodard


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