If You Encounter a Coyote

Coyotes usually  avoid people, but may become fearless because of intentional or  unintentional feeding. Coyotes must be encouraged to fear people.

  • Never feed or attempt to ‘tame’ a coyote.
  • Do  not turn your back on or run from a coyote; if approached, make loud  noises and make yourself look big. Send a small stick or handful of  pebbles in the general direction of the coyote.
  • Soak him! If you are near a water hose – spray the coyote.
  • If  you walk or hike in areas that are known to be populated with coyotes,  carry a deterrent such as an air horn or walking stick.
  • Because  coyotes will tend to use the same trails at the same time of day,  consider periodically changing your walking, jogging, running schedules  and routes.