Master Thoroughfare Plan

Changes Proposed to the City’s Master Thoroughfare Plan

The City of The Colony first adopted the Master Thoroughfare Plan in 1989, and the plan has been modified several times since our City has grown and motorists needs and behaviors have changed over time. In mid 2007, City staff issued a competitive Request for Qualifications to select a transportation planning consultant to perform this analysis and formulate recommendations on possible changes to the existing Thoroughfare Plan. Jacobs Engineering was selected to perform this update project.

Jacobs Engineering entered the City’s current Thoroughfare Plan into a comprehensive Trans-Cad model developed and managed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments to identify areas where traffic demands are expected in the future, and identified deficiencies in our current planned network of roadways. They also incorporated the City’s recently updated Comprehensive Plan to insure local and adjacent land use expectations are consistent with model parameters.

Effective Changes

Through this review and analysis, Jacobs Engineering is recommending several specific changes to The Colony’s Master Thoroughfare Plan to most effectively meet motorist needs in the City’s roadway network for the coming years. Upon adoption by City Council, this Thoroughfare Plan Update will serve to guide staff and land owners to provide for appropriate roadway assets to most effectively serve the transportation needs of residents and visitors to The Colony.

Consultant's Report & Recommendations

A copy of the consultant’s report and recommendations can be viewed in the MTP Report (PDF).

View the 2016 Thoroughfare Plan.