Street Lighting

Legends Light

If you notice a streetlight out of service in your neighborhood, please report it to CoServ or Oncor. Streetlights within the Legends neighborhood, the Stewart Peninsula neighborhoods west of Ethridge, and the Eastvale neighborhood are owned and operated by CoServ Electric. Streetlights in all other neighborhoods within the city are owned and operated by Oncor.

Reporting Outages

You can report outages directly by visiting the following websites:

If you notice a street light that is in disrepair or not operating  properly, you may contact Public Works or contact CoServ or Oncor  directly using the links above.

Installing Light

As development occurs within the city, property owners and developers are required to install street lights in accordance with city development standards. After they are constructed and installed, the city pays for the electricity to power the fixtures. The city may also install additional lights along new and reconstructed publicly funded streets as funds permit. 

 Please remember that many of our businesses also have safety lighting in their parking and surrounding areas. These lights, off of public rights-of-way, are installed and maintained by the respective property owners.