Construction Project Updates

Construction Update

Schedules presented in the following updates may vary depending on weather conditions.

Current Engineering Capital Projects

Phase 11 Concrete Street Reconstruction

Three streets will be re-constructed to the same width as existing with reinforced concrete pavement. Existing sidewalk and driveway returns within right-of-ways will also be re-constructed. Storm drains, water/wastewater mains and street lights will also be replaced, as needed. The project has a construction cost of $4,234,033.50 to date and began construction in August 2022 with an estimated completion in August 2023. The streets to be re-constructed are as follows: 

Street Name: 

  • Tucker Street and also includes a portion of Tyler Street                       
  • Bartlett Drive from Clover Valley to Miller Drive
  • Miller Drive from 100 feet of Keller Circle to alley between Baker Drive and Slay Drive                   


    phase 11 street

North Colony Boulevard Hybrid Beacon

The project includes the installation of a complete solar-powered Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon west of the intersection of North Colony Boulevard and Power Street. This pedestrian signal will allow pedestrians using the City Park Trail to safely cross North Colony Boulevard at a signalized pedestrian crossing and will be similar to the design of the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon recently completed on Paige Road. The project has a construction cost of $237,432.00 and began construction in August 2022 with an estimated completion in December 2022.


       Photo of the Existing Similar Hybrid Beacon Signal on Paige Road


Phase 11A- Concrete & Asphalt Street Reconstruction

This project includes the resurfacing of Elm Street (from East Lake Highlands Drive to Witt Drive) and Witt Drive (from FM 423 to 120 feet east of Elm Street ) with flex base subgrade, Type B and Type D asphalt pavement and a concrete ribbon curb. This project also includes the reconstruction of East Lake Highlands Drive and includes converting this street from an asphalt street to a concrete curb and gutter roadway.  No drainage or utility work will be performed during this project. The project has a construction cost of $1,239,448.00 and the project starts construction in November 2022 with an estimated completion in June 2023.    

Phase 11a

11 a 2

11 a 3