Construction Project Updates

Construction Update

Schedules presented in the following updates may vary depending on weather conditions.

Current Engineering Capital Projects

Phase 8 Street Reconstruction and Alley Project 

Four streets and one alley will be re-constructed to the same width as existing with reinforced concrete pavement. Existing sidewalk and driveway returns within right-of-ways will also be re-constructed. Storm drains, water/wastewater mains and street lights will also be replaced, as needed. The project has a construction cost of $3,690,155.50 and began construction in June 2019 with an estimated completion in August 2020 The streets and alley to be re-constructed are as follows:

Street Name:

Thompson Dr. – Blair Oaks Dr. to John Yates Dr.

Darby Lane - Strickland Ave. to Hetherington Place

Baker Dr. – Petit Street to Morning Star Dr.

Blue Glen Dr. – Amhurst Ln. to Clover Valley to end of cul-de-sac

Alley Name:

Melroy Alley – North Colony to North Colony

North Trunk Sewer Main Project

The North Trunk Sewer pipeline is 6,400 ft. long and extends from Miller Drive to the City’s Stewart Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. This wastewater line needs to be replaced due to deteriorating clay pipe conditions. The pipeline will be increased in size to provide the additional capacity needed for future flows from the Austin Ranch Lift Station. The project has a construction cost of $2,852,401.00 and began construction in November 2018 with an estimated completion in September 2019.