Phase VI Street Reconstruction


  • $6,000,000


The residential streets will be re-constructed to the same width as existing with reinforced concrete pavement. Sidewalk and driveway returns within street rights-of-way will also be re-constructed, as well as storm drains, water and wastewater mains, and street lights. The limits of re-construction for each of the four streets and two alleys are specified below:


  • Hetherington Drive from Blair Oaks to Cul-de-sac
  • Dooley Drive from Independence Drive to McAfee Drive
  • Clover Valley Drive from Blair Oaks Drive to Bartlett Drive
  • Ragan Road from alley north of North Colony Boulevard to Ragan Place


  • Alley on North side of Squires Drive west of Taylor Street
  • Alley between Jennings Drive and Roberts Drive from Main Street to Joy Drive

If you have any questions, please contact Brant Shallenburger at 972-624-3108 or the Engineering Department at 972-624-3195 You may also contact staff via email.