Jail Division


Construction was completed in May 2011 for an addition to the police department which included a new 24 bed detention facility. The facility was designed and built to meet all standards required by the Texas Commission on Jail standards even though currently municipal holding facilities are not required to meet their standards. The jail currently has a staff of nine detention officers and one detention supervisor who provide 24 hour, seven days a week coverage of the jail facility. Detention officers are tasked with the safety and security of the jail facility and those it houses.


As with all Municipal Jails, persons arrested and charged with more serious offenses will be booked, arraigned and housed until such time as they bond out or are transferred to the county sheriff’s department. This usually occurs within 72 hours. Subjects sitting out The Colony traffic fines are sometimes housed for two weeks or more at the discretion of the Municipal Court Judge. 


The Colony Police Department detention officers receive the same basic detention officer training that a detention officer at a county facility would receive.  Having a trained and sufficient detention staff ensures the safety of persons being held and minimizes a police officer’s down time during the processing of arrest ultimately increasing their ability to be ready to respond to additional demands for service.


The detention facility does allow prisoner visitation daily from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. A photo identification must be presented at the time that a visit is requested.