Storm Water Services

Storm Water Utility Responsibilities

The City’s Storm Water Utility is responsible for installing, maintaining, upgrading and managing all of the Storm Water Management and Conveyance facilities and infrastructure within the City.  

These services include: 

  • Regular drainage system maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Removal of sediment and debris from inlets and channels
  • Maintenance of: 
    • Earthen channels
    • Inlets
    • Piping
    • Headwalls
    • Flumes
    • Concrete channels
    • Culverts
    • Manholes
    • Drainage ditches and stream maintenance
  • Catch basin replacement
  • Storm sewer replacement
  • Installing and maintaining erosion control protection devices
  • Installing drop structures

Implementation of the Storm Water Management Plan

The City is also tasked with managing the implementation of the City’s approved Storm Water Management Plan and Best Management Practices as required by Federal and State Regulations.  A copy of the City’s approved Storm Water Management Plan is available for review at the following link.  

Manage Floodplain Ordinances

Storm Water Utility staff also manage Floodplain Ordinances to assist in protecting properties from flooding and manage capital programs that help protect our streams and creeks from erosion and pollution as mandated by other State and Federal programs related to Floodplain Management, Storm Water Management, Water Quality and Pollution Prevention.  Funding is not provided by Federal or State agencies for these programs.  

Other Management Functions

The Storm Water Utility also performs many other important management functions including reviewing proposed storm water systems designed into new development projects within the city, managing Storm Water Capital Improvement Projects, and managing programs to assist in storm water quality, basin master planning, and regional detention.  Operational sections of the Storm Water Utility are located in the Public Works Department and Engineering Department.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention

In accordance with the approved Storm Water Management Plan and EPA and TCEQ requirements, the City adopted an ordinance that will help improve storm water quality and reduce storm water pollution in our City. This ordinance addresses Storm Water Illicit Discharge and Detection, Post Construction Storm Water Quality, and Erosion Control during construction. A draft of this ordinance was developed in FY 2009 and consolidated into a final draft for public review and comment in FY 2010. The ordinance for The Colony may be viewed on the City’s website at the link below.