How Does the City Bill Storm Water Utility Fees?

For property owners with water and wastewater accounts, the Storm Water Utility Fee is billed monthly on your utility bill. You will notice a separate fee clearly identifying the Storm Water Utility Fee as an additional line item on your utility bill.

Storm Water Utility Advantages

  1. Fair: Roberts Drive Alley Improvement
    • Charges are based on runoff rather than property value as is the case with general taxes
    • All types of developed property pay their appropriate share
  2. Dependable:
    • Self Financing – does not compete with other governmental sources for general revenues
    • Provides consistent funding and is easily projected
    • Revenues are kept in separate, dedicated funds
  3. Simple and Flexible:
    • Similar to water and wastewater charges
    • Adaptable to existing billing systems
  4. Acceptable:
    • Similar utilities are in use around the State of Texas
    • Storm water management costs are paid based on system usage instead of through property taxes

For questions concerning the storm water utility development process, please contact the Engineering Department at 972-624-3195.