Sportstown, TX

Sports Illustrated - The Colony Named Sportstown, TX

On September 6, 2003, The Colony was named as the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sportstown for the state of Texas. Based on a variety of criteria that demonstrates a community's involvement in facilitating and enhancing quality sports, The Colony exceeded in categories of:

  • Community commitment to parks and recreation resources
  • Education and training strategies
  • Innovations for community development
  • Philosophy
  • Policy/procedures
  • Youth development strategies
  • Scope of Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sportstown in TX Sign on Lamppostprogramming

Enhancing the Community

The Colony Parks and Recreation Department manages 23 municipal parks and offers a variety of activities ranging from a year-round aquatics facility to a spectacular sports complex. Continually enhancing the community by providing quality sports programs for citizens of all ages and at all levels of play, The Colony Parks and Recreation Department employs a professional, customer-first philosophy while encouraging lifelong sports participation and enjoyment. The department also enjoys a strong volunteer base and several successful public and private partnerships within the community.