Procedures to Appear Before Council

All citizens have a right to speak before the City Council. There are two types of items that a citizen may want to speak about. The first is an item on the agenda and the second is an item not on the agenda.

Items Not Posted on the Agenda

The City Council may not discuss items not posted on the agenda however may refer inquiries, requests, etc. to city staff to address at a later time.  Council may also respond with factual data or policy information, or place the item on a future agenda.

Work Session

Citizen Input will not be heard during the Work Session portion of the meeting.  


Citizen Input Request Form

Each speaker is asked to fill out a Citizen Input Request Form. The forms are available in the City Hall lobby and should be submitted to the city secretary prior to the beginning of discussion on that item. Besides providing name and address, the speaker will indicate on the form if they want to speak about an item on the agenda or on an item not on the agenda.  If speaking on an item not on the agenda, the speaker will be called during the portion of the meeting entitled Citizen Input.  Aside from the Work Session, if for an item that is on the agenda, generally the speaker must wait until that item is addressed by the City Council. When the Presiding Officer opens the floor to comments during Public Hearings, speakers may step to the microphone and provide their comments at that time.


When called, speakers will step to the microphone, state their name and address for the record. The total time allotted for Citizen Input is limited to thirty (30) minutes per meeting, but in no event shall one (1) speaker exceed five (5) minutes unless otherwise allowed by the Mayor.  Each speaker will be allowed to speak one time per agenda item.  Comments shall be specific to the issue.  All remarks and questions shall be made to the City Council as a whole, and not to individual Council members.   The Presiding Officer has the responsibility and duty to rule a speaker out of order if the comments made are of a personal nature, or are in any other manner disruptive to the orderly conduct of business of the Council.  If a group of people is interested in speaking on the same subject a spokesperson may be appointed to represent the group.