Summer Volunteen Program

Volunteen FriendsDue to Covid-19, our Volunteen program is on hold. Normally, the Summer Volunteen Program is a fabulous opportunity to be part of the aquatic team! Kids, (ages 12 and older) learn to assist instructors for our famous American Red Cross Learn to Swim classes.  Please be sure to clear your Volunteen’s summer calendar for a complete 2-week session, matching the Learn-To-Swim Calendar.  Each session is Monday-Thursday for 8 days.

If you want to work with us during the first summer sessions... please register for the mandatory orientation.

Volunteen of the Year Honor (2019)

In 2019 Samantha Aguirre did not take the summer off!  Instead, she buckled down to a steady schedule of swim classes and tennis practice.  Volunteering with The Colony Aquatic Park, she helped Red Cross Instructors teach 139 classes.  Her contribution gains her the title of TCAP Outstanding Volunteen of the Year.

“Of course, we think all of our Volunteens are amazing because they give our swim program a bridge between the adult instructors and students,” Wanda Brown, program coordinator, said.  “They also help the children stay in tune with the lesson and allow each instructor to put in extra time on the details.”

“Samantha tops our list because she helped over 100 kids for many weeks this summer.  Her selfless donation of time makes her a great example of a teen connected to the community,” Wanda added.

Her parents Ana and Brian Grant attest to the fact that Samantha is a girl on a mission.  Her second summer focus was tennis practice, hoping to make an impression during fall team try-outs. She recently scored big, claiming a spot on the The Colony High School Varsity Team as a freshman! 

Her siblings Angela, Denver, Sam, Christine and Orlando are proud of her accomplishments and not surprised by her drive.  The family works together to support each member’s goals and vigorous schedule.

In Middle School, Samantha excelled and was selected as a member of the National Junior Honor Society.  She loves singing and is currently a lead (Soprano 2) with the Sweet Adeline’s in vocal competition.

Her future will probably be science related… but she admits that she has plenty of time to decide and many choices to explore.

Her next few years will prove challenging. Selected from a pool of 500 applicants for Collin County’s Collegiate Academy, she hopes to graduate from high school with both a TCHS diploma and an Associate’s degree.Volly of the Year 2019


Please go to Online Registration and find the Volunteen listing under "COURSES".  There is a $5 fee for participating in this program.