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  1. Aqua Rental Request

    Request Form to Rent The Colony Aquatic Park for an EXCLUSIVE party, OR, to rent Pavilion Tables during Public Swim. This is not an... More…

Building Inspections

  1. City of The Colony Inspection Release Form

    City of The Colony Inspection Release Form


  1. Request to Broadcast Form

    Request to have your non-profit organization or special event advertised on The Colony Government Television.

Customer Services

  1. Average Monthly Payment Plan
  2. Move Out Request
  3. Utility Contribute

    Utility Contribute

  1. Garage Sale Permit

    Garage Sale Permit

  2. Trash/Recycle Cart Request Form

    Trash/Recycle Cart Request Form: This form is used to request a replacement or repair of your residential trash or recycle cart. It... More…


  1. Vendor Registration

    Vendor Contacts - The information provided in this form will be used when services or purchases are required that are less than... More…

Fire Department

  1. Ambulance Subscription

    The Colony citizens can subscribe to an Ambulance Subscription Program. For $8.00 a month added to your city utility bill, subscribers... More…


  1. Ask A Question

    Use this form to request information from the Library Reference Desk staff.

  2. Book-A-Librarian

    Schedule time with a Library staff member who can work with you to find the answers you need.

  3. Friends of The Colony Public Library Membership Application
  4. Purchase Request

    To request an item to be added to the Library's collection, use this form.

  5. TCPL Youth Volunteer Application
  1. Book a Study Room

    Reserve a Library study room.

  2. Contact Library

    Complete this form to submit general questions or suggestions concerning the Library.

  3. Interlibrary Loan Request (Suspended Until End of March)

    Submitting this form will allow Library staff to help you borrow hard-to-find material. Due to developments involving the COVID-19... More…

  4. TCPL Adult Volunteer Application


  1. Emergency Preparedness Presentation Request

    Use this form to request an Emergency Preparedness Presentation for your organization.

Parks and Recreation

  1. 2018 Mowing Concern Report

    Use this report to submit mowing concerns.

  2. Adult Athletics Interest Form
  3. Kids Colony Name Board Order Form
  4. Mosquito Concern Report

    Use this report to submit concerns of mosquito related issues in The Colony.

  1. 2019 ACES Shirt Order Form
  2. Friends of The Colony Volunteer Application

    Want to volunteer? Submit this form to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities.

  3. Migratory Bird Concern Report

    Use this report to submit concerns of migratory bird related issues in The Colony.

  4. Park Usage Release Form

Parks Facilities

  1. Field Evaluation Form

    Please tell us how we are doing.

Recreation Center

  1. BAMP Amphitheater Request Form

    BAMP Amphitheater Request Form

  2. Pavilion Request Form

    Pavilion Request Form

  3. Stewart Creek Park Pavilion Request Form

    Stewart Creek Park Pavilion Request Form

  1. Class Proposal Form

    Class Proposal Form

  2. Recreation Center Reservation Request Form

    Pavilion Request Form

Special Events

  1. 2020 Food and Drink Vendor Application
  1. Sponsorship Agreement - Application 2020

    Would you like to promote your business at one or more of the upcoming Special Events here in The Colony? Remember this is an... More…