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Class Proposal Form

  1. What time would you like to hold the class? You may list multiple time frames.
  2. Day(s)*

    What day of the week would you like to hold the class? You may choose multiple days.

  3. How many consecutive weeks would you like to hold the class?
  4. List the date(s) or date ranges for your class(s). 

  5. Are there any dates you are not able to host class due to personal reasons/holidays/vacations? If so, list them here.

    Please note, the Recreation Center will be closed on federal holidays.

  6. How much would you like to charge for the class? Please note that you will retain 70% of all fees collected.

  7. What are students expected to wear/bring to class?
  8. Are there any skills or classes a student must have prior to taking this course?
  9. How would you like your course description to read? This class description will be published online and in our PlayTC catalog.

  10. Please provide a short biography (75-100 words).
  11. Please list your qualifications and experiences with this subject matter.
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