Kristina Wadley

Swim Coaches and Instructors
Title: Swim Instructor

Kristina has been on the The Colony Aquatic Park staff since 2017 and has known she wanted to teach from the moment she stepped foot in the facility. From a very young age, she loved the water; and could always be found in a pool or on the lake. This translated to her competing in swimming for six years, on both The Colony Aquatic Team and The Colony High School team. She is currently studying Biomedical Science- Pre-Veterinary at Tarleton State University. 

She feels teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have.  Seeing the child’s improvements from lesson to lesson and their growth as a swimmer is what keeps her going. While teaching some of the most important life skills, she likes to keep it fun and engaging for the child, while also guiding them to build and improve upon their skills.


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